Recently, the powers that be decided to shut down Craigslist’s casual encounters section in Miami. The bad news is, a lot of us depended on CL to find some local hotties. The good news, however, is that this forced us to look elsewhere to find Miami casual encounters. We’ve tried close to 70 of the top Miami hookup sites and are glad we can finally bring you 3 sites that are not only as good as Craigslist for finding sex encounters but much better.

The following three sites will help anyone in Miami get laid and fast.

Casual Hookup Miami - 1 - AFF  Casual Hookup Miami - 2 - Ashley Madison  Casual Hookup Miami - 3 - Fling

Miami is one of those cities that nearly everyone in the world is aware of either by visiting it in person or through reference in pop culture. For those of us who are fortunate to live in Miami, we know full well the magic and mystique that this city holds. What outsiders can only gaze at in amazement on television and movies, we can live and enjoy in person every single day.

Miami is synonymous with many things — sun, beaches, fun, beautiful people, diversity and, yes, casual encounters. The pulse and vibrancy of our city make it an ideal location for fun and passion. Whether you enjoy spending time outdoors during the daytime at the beaches or if you prefer the intense nightlife that our city is known for, meeting people and having adult casual fun is part of our way of life.

As hookup-friendly as Miami is, there are still some locals who struggle to find casual encounters. If you are among these individuals, we understand how frustrating it must be to live in a city as sexy as Miami, to witness those around you boasting about their successful casual encounter lifestyle, while you remain at home alone. This is why we put together this little guide to help you improve your casual encounter game in Miami. While we wrote this specifically for those who reside in Miami, considering that Miami is a tourist hotbed it can also help those of you who are visiting our great city and want to experience mind-blowing Miami hookups.

— Understanding the Miami “Datingscape” —

Every city has a unique pulse when it comes to their dating scene. In the case of Miami, it should be evident that there is no lack of willingness to have fun and enjoy life on the part of its population — especially from those who are single. There are, however, other characteristics regarding the Miami “datingscape” that you should be aware of in order to become a better player when it comes to casual encounters.

1- Our Weather

Although we get our fair share of tropical storms and occasional hurricanes, by in large, we are known for our excellent year-round weather. While the primary tourist season encompasses the winter months, for those of us who live in Miami we know that the climate is well-suited to be outdoors, to go out, to enjoy the nightlife 365 days out of the year. In other words, unlike cities in the Northeast where the winter months might make it difficult to get out and about to socialize; or in parts of the Southwest where during the peak summer months going outdoors during daytime would result in your rapid dehydration and fatigue; in Miami you can be out and about engaging in any sort of activity that you like all year round.

2- Our Diversity

People who enjoy talking about social demographics classify Miami as a “minority-majority city.” This is because over 70 percent of the population is comprised of Hispanic-Americans. This has resulted in Miami becoming a true melting pot of customs and cultures. There is no denying the eclectic vibrancy that exists here. This makes the nightclub scene, the regional cuisine, and the very energy of the area fabulously festive and fun.

3- Size and Location

If you were to look at our city based solely on population figures, you’d get a gross misrepresentation of our area. On paper, Miami has less than 500,000 inhabitants. You might say to yourself, “what, how can that be? Why then do I struggle with those nightmarish traffic jams on I-95?”

While Miami proper may only have less than 500,000 inhabitants, the greater metropolitan area which includes the Miami-Dade region surpasses 5.5 million people. We not only form a part of this larger area — we anchor it. Miami influences how the entirety of the Miami-Dade area and even the larger Dade-Broward area lives, develops and has fun. It is not an overreach to state that Miami is the capital of the whole of Southern Florida. From Key Biscayne up to Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and beyond — our influence is felt. People from all of these surrounding areas flock to Miami every day to work, relax, socialize and, of course, visit our clubs and restaurants.

4- Lifestyle Considerations

Our population is diverse not only in its ethnic composition but also in lifestyle choices. You can find tens of thousands of singles seeking to enjoy the casual fun that comes with early adulthood just as you can find tens of thousands of older individuals who are reentering the casual encounter scene. There are straight, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are actively seeking casual encounters in the greater Miami area every single day.

This means that no matter your age group, ethnicity, lifestyle choice — or any other dating factor — there are always plenty of people who are going to be seeking the same sort of fun that you are. This is why in Miami you never have the excuse of saying that “there aren’t enough compatible potential partners near me.”

— Gaining a Foothold in the Miami Casual Encounter Scene —

When it comes to vibrant casual encounter scenes, Miami has to rank among the top cities in the United States if not the whole of North America. While this creates a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to hook up, it can also pose some difficulty if you are new to the area or if you are not naturally outgoing.

You probably have friends who you have observed who have no difficulty going out any night of the week and hooking up with a casual encounter. Some of them may be very adept at the traditional an old-fashioned way of hooking up. In other words, they have a natural gift for using the right pick up line and approaching a potential partner with extreme ease. Others have developed this skill over time by observing others and going through a tedious trial-and-error process that not many are willing to tolerate. After all, going out just in the hopes of picking somebody up can end up costing you a lot of money in drinks and cover charges, attire, fuel, parking, and time. All the while, you are never guaranteed that you will end the night with a casual encounter.

Unlike other cities in the United States, the traditional way of hooking up in Miami is still alive and well. However, that does not mean that it is the only way, nor does it mean that it is the best way.

As a matter of fact, one of the most efficient ways of finding casual encounters in Miami completely sidesteps the traditional method. This involves using online hookup platforms to meet people for casual encounters. This method of meeting people has been popular for over two decades, however, in the last ten years, it has really spiked — especially in Miami.

Even those people who are naturally adept at the traditional way of hooking up are now also using online hookup platforms to improve their game. What should this tell you? Quite simply, that you should be a part of the online hookup universe in order to get your fair share of casual encounters in Miami.

— How to Pick the Best Online Platforms for Casual Encounters in Miami —

Being aware that online hookup sites are essential to having a healthy number of casual encounters in Miami is a critical first step. It, however, is not the only step.

Perhaps more importantly, you should be aware of which hookup sites are the most popular and effective among those of us who live here. To that end, here is a list of online hookup sites that will offer you the best chances of finding a partner for a casual encounter.

1- Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

Miami Casual Encounters Site 1 - Adultfriendfinder

AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, has a huge presence worldwide when it comes to hooking up and casual encounters. It is a pioneer and leader in its industry. It has had a strong presence in Miami since it was first launched back in the 1990s.

At present, it has over 85 million registered users worldwide and a success rate that is the envy of other hookup sites.

The relationship between Miami and AdultFriendFinder has been cozy from the beginning. The greater Miami area has been one of AFF’s top markets from the start. That means that for those of us who live in any part of Dade or Broward County, we are going to find a large number of people who live near us who are going to be looking for the same thing that we are on the AFF platform.

Why AFF is #1 for Casual Encounters in Miami

The advantages offered by AdultFriendFinder to a resident of the Miami area not only include those offered by a large local user base, but also by the powerful set of features offered by AFF which make searching and discovering potential partners fun and easy. The search engine on AdultFriendFinder is very comprehensive. It allows users to search for potential partners by applying selective filters. This allows a user to find potential matches based on age range, distance, lifestyle, sexual kinks and fetishes, personality traits, etc.

In a city as diverse as Miami, having these powerful and intuitive search filters make finding the ideal casual encounter partner less stressful and less time-consuming.

AFF also has user-created forums and chat rooms. This feature is popular internationally, but in Miami, it really shines. That is because it allows locals to create unique communities within AdultFriendFinder. These frequently revolve around socializing, meeting in person, and specific types of sexual kinks and fetishes. It allows you to find like-minded adults for casual encounters through online social interactions as opposed to that offered by the search and discovery method of the traditional search engine.

If you are serious about jump-starting your casual encounter experience in Miami, AdultFriendFinder would be a very powerful tool to have in your casual encounter toolbox.


2- Ashley Madison

Miami Casual Encounters Site 2 - ashley-madison

Ashley Madison shines as if it was tailor-made for a community such as Miami. While some of you may be aware of Ashley Madison as the “cheating site,” it is, in fact, a powerful online hookup platform for those who are serious about finding casual encounters and no-strings-attached hookups.

While it is designed to facilitate extramarital affairs, Ashley Madison can also be used by those who are not presently in a relationship. In Miami, the level of discretion and privacy offered by the Ashley Madison platform make it ideal for those seeking casual encounters but who, for whatever reason, want to keep it on the hush-hush.

While Ashley Madison has been in continuous operation since 2002, it is since 2015 that it has become one of the most valued hookup sites when it comes to safeguarding user data and providing the utmost of discretion. Having been a victim of a hack in 2015, Ashley Madison completely revamped its security protocols making it an ironclad site today. This means that if you are concerned about keeping your casual encounter habits secret, Ashley Madison will provide you with one of the best methods to do so.

What Makes Ashley Madison the Best For Discreet Hookups in Miami

In Miami, a wide variety of people across the metropolitan area use the Ashley Madison service. Approximately 75 percent identify themselves as currently being in a formal relationship. The other 25 percent are comprised of singles or couples seeking the company of those who are attached.

The way that Ashley Madison has set up its service is such that whenever you hop on the platform you will only be searching through profiles belonging to people who are actively seeking hookups at that moment. This is a fabulous time saver and results in a quicker “conversion” time. Quite literally on Ashley Madison, you can find a compatible partner for a casual encounter within hours or minutes.

If you prefer a more passive approach, Ashley Madison does not neglect your needs. You can always set your availability window to span weeks or months at a time, not just specific hours of the day. This way you can receive messages and overtures from people for a longer period of time. Likewise, you will be shown profiles of people who have equally as long search horizons.

One of the reasons that Ashley Madison is so successful aside from its powerful privacy features is the well-balanced gender ratio of its user base. In Miami, the overall user base is approximately 60 percent male to 40 percent female. Every age group, from young adults in their early twenties through mature individuals in their fifties and sixties is well represented on the platform.

Women are able to get full access to the Ashley Madison service free of charge. While this might sound like a magnet for attracting tons of fake profiles and catfish, in reality, Ashley Madison manages to properly filter new female registrants to ensure that they are genuine. While on many hookup sites there are large numbers of fake female profiles, on Ashley Madison, over 95 percent of the female profiles belong to real women seeking real casual encounters.

Living in Miami, you know that we play hard but we also work hard. This means that sometimes, as much as we want to experience a casual encounter, something in our personal schedule intervenes and we have to put fun aside for a bit. In this regard, Ashley Madison also has you covered.

When a male subscribes to the Ashley Madison service they are afforded the luxury of using a pay-as-you-go subscription model. In other words, men only pay for the time which they are active on the platform. This means that if their work schedule requires them to put their social activities on hold, they can pause their presence on Ashley Madison for that same period of time and not be charged for it. In that sense, Ashley Madison offers men one of the fairest payment systems found in the online dating industry.

The value and results offered by Ashley Madison make it an essential platform to use when you are interested in finding casual encounters in Miami.



Miami Casual Encounters Site 3 - Fling

Sometimes, the simplest of solutions can be among the most effective. This description fits the online hookup site known as

Among the popular hookup platforms in Miami, offers the simplest and most intuitive of user interfaces. While it may not have the complexity of features as those offered on AFF or Ashley Madison, it is still able to provide results to its users. This, in turn, creates a strong level of loyalty from its user base.

Fling has been around since 2004, so you can rest assured that it is backed by years of solid experience. Its excellent reputation among those in Miami is well earned. When you are searching for someone to hook up with on short notice, Fling offers you a very good chance of finding a casual encounter almost immediately.

Part of the reason for this is because most of the Fling users in Miami have been on the site for more than a year. This means that the users that you will find on Fling are there specifically to find no-strings-attached encounters. You do not have to deal with people who are just curious or who are unsure about going through with meeting in person.

In Miami, Fling users have developed a unique style of using the platform. Aside from using it as a search and discovery site for finding casual encounters, local residents have also started to use Fling as a “coordination” tool for casual encounters. It is not uncommon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights to encounter people on the Fling platform who are specifically seeking to meet people at a particular nightspot.

Fling’s Influence in Miami

Those who use the site for that purpose will send you a message or include words on their bio to the effect of “I’ll be ‘flinging’ at such-and-such place between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.”

When you first look at the Fling platform you might feel that it looks a little bit antiquated compared to some other hookup sites. To be perfectly honest, it is not that it looks old, rather that it just seems far more simplified than other sites. This, however, is what makes Fling so efficient. It does not waste resources nor screen real estate on fancy features. Instead, it is geared from beginning to end to help you meet someone immediately for a real-world fling.

The simple and intuitive design of Fling does not mean that it lacks important features. The Fling search engine, even though not as robust as that of AFF, is still quite solid. It allows users to employ search filters to make your results more relevant. Also, its online chat feature incorporates video chat. The ability to chat with someone through a live video stream can be a great benefit when you want to size someone up for a casual encounter on the same day. This way when you meet in person you would have already vetted the person to a significant degree.

The gender ratio of users originating from Miami on Fling is pretty consistent to that of Ashley Madison. In other words, there are roughly six men for every four women on the site. That is considered to be a very healthy gender mix for an online hookup site.

Fling also provides its users with mobile capability. It does not have a native mobile app but you can access your account via your smartphone’s mobile browser. This can be of great help if you are participating in the “flinging” scene that we mentioned earlier. This allows you to be constantly engaged on the platform as you are out and about at different night spots. In a way, Fling helps to bring together the world of online casual encounters with old-school hookups.


— From the Online to the Real World —

Once you have met someone online and you have chatted and feel that there is a positive sexual energy, the next step is to meet in person. Living in Miami you have a large number of places for this to take place. Unlike smaller cities where your options are limited to a few restaurants or public parks, the number of suitable locations in Miami is almost endless.

You may already have your own list of ideal spots to meet a potential casual encounter in person for the first time. If it is a sufficiently public and secure place, and if it is conveniently located to the both of you, by all means, proceed with your place of choice. If you need a few ideas, here are some suggestions.

1- Lincoln Road

Casual Date Miami Location 1 - Lincoln Road

This is a pedestrian heaven. You will find many bars and restaurants along Lincoln Road that are the ideal spot to meet up with someone you met online. Popular with locals as well as out-of-towners, Lincoln Road provides a very public space that can quickly become very intimate if the chemistry is right. Also, since everybody in Miami knows how to get there it is impossible to get lost.

More Information on Lincoln Road

2- Ocean Drive on South Beach

Casual Date Miami Location 2 - OceanDrive

If you live in Southern Florida you should know full well how Ocean Drive in South Beach offers a treasure trove of places to meet up with a potential casual encounter. Be it at night at one of the hot spots or during the day along the beach walk, there are plenty of places to use as your first meeting spot.

Wiki Page for Ocean Drive

3- Wynwood Art District

Casual Date Miami Location 3 - WynWood Art District

Located just north of downtown, the Wynwood art district is conveniently located for those who live in the downtown area as well as those coming in from Miami Gardens, or out from Hialeah and other areas. Known for its large Wynwood Walls and other outdoor murals, it makes for a perfect location to meet up with someone when you want a milder ambiance.

Wynwood Art District’s Official Site

4- Bayside Marketplace

Casual Date Miami Location 4 Bayside Marketplace

Meeting at a mall may sound quaint or cliche, but if that mall happens to be the Bayside Marketplace it adds a certain flair to the entire concept.

First, Bayside is easily accessible for anybody living in the greater Miami area. Everybody knows where it is and there are plenty of things to do when you are there. In other words, if things work out during your first meeting you can grab a bite to eat or have a few drinks before heading off to someplace more “comfortable.”

Bayside Marketplace Official Site

— Where to Have Your Miami Casual Encounter —

The final step in a casual encounter is having a place to “get it on.” This could be your place, it could be theirs. Then again, it may not be practical for such activities take place at either of those locations. Under those circumstances, you’re going to need a place to call your “love nest” for a few hours.

As you know, in Miami we have countless hotels in all price ranges. From luxury hotels on the shore to fanciful properties downtown to a nearly endless number of hotels and motels spread out throughout every nook and cranny of the Greater Miami-Dade area — there is no shortage of rooms for adult fun in Miami.

When you decide to have your casual encounter in a hotel, it is recommended that you choose one that is conveniently located for the both of you, that offers safe parking, and that is located in a secure neighborhood.

Some budget options that are original and avoid the Motel 6 cliche include:

1- The Casablanca Beachside

Budget Hotel For Miami Encounters 1 - Casablanca Beachside

The Casablanca Beachside located on Collins Avenue offers one of the best deals for a property that is on the beach. It is Affordable enough for the budget-minded yet well suited to impress your partner.

Book a Room at the Casablanca Beachside Hotel in Miami

2- Boulevard Hotel

Budget Hotel For Miami Encounters 2 - Boulevard Hotel

Located on Ocean Drive, this quaint property is conveniently located if you meet up with someone on South Beach. The rooms are simple but well-appointed. Most have views of Ocean Drive and the beach. It is affordable and iconic.

Boulevard Hotel on TripAdvisor

3- Zen Motel Inn

Budget Hotel For Miami Encounters 3 - Zen Motel Inn

The Zen Motel has the distinction of being selected as one of the top ten locations for consummating a casual encounter by Miami locals. Affordable, conveniently located, and recently remodeled, the Zen Motel offers a near perfect solution.

Florida’s Zen Motel Inn Official Site

Luxury Options:

Maybe you have money to burn or you have met a casual partner who you really want to impress. If that is the case, you will most likely not be limited by budgetary constraints when it comes to seeking a hotel room to have your casual fun. You’ll be seeking a luxurious hotel. Fortunately, Miami has many properties that fit that bill.

1- Fontainebleau

Luxury Hotel For Miami Casual Encounters 1 - Fontainebleau

This hotel is a Miami icon. Showcased in many movies and TV shows, it definitely deserves its iconic status. Located on Collins Avenue it offers its guests a full set of luxury services that are all five-star. If you take a casual encounter to the Fontainebleau you are definitely going to impress.

Official Website of Fontainebleau

2- Miami Beach Resort and Spa

Luxury Hotel For Miami Casual Encounters 2 - Miami Beach Resort and Spa

Another five-star property that provides you with luxury accommodations is the Miami Beach Resort and Spa. Finely appointed and decorated, you can spend an entire day or weekend with your partner at this property never having to leave. You can have fun in your luxury room, dine at one of the three restaurants located on site, or spend time on the beach dedicated to the hotel patrons.

Miami Beach Resort and Spa Official Site

3- Hilton Cabana

Luxury Hotel For Miami Casual Encounters 3 - Hilton Cabana

The Hilton Cabana located on Miami Beach offers a luxury solution that stands out from the rest. Offering five-star service, the hotel is designed in a much more modern styling than other luxury offerings in Miami. It is perfect for those who prefer a sleeker and more modernistic look. If you are stylish and modern, this is the place for your casual encounter.

Visit the Hilton Cabana in Miami

— Live the Miami Life —

By living in Miami you are already one of the luckiest people on earth. By following this casual encounter guide you can turn a golden lifestyle into a platinum one. Good luck and enjoy yourself.